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You are a female reporter investigating an asylum that a middle aged doctor that went missing there. You must explore the asylum and figure out what happened to him. But beware, There are jump scares...

There are most likely a lot of bugs guys.... And The Story isnt developed but there is an end... Have fun!


This game will contain flashing light and colors, If you have history of epilepsy please do not play this game or, ask you're doctor about it!

This game is rated M for mature audiences!!! It is recommended that if you aren't over the age of 18 that you play this with a guardian! 

This game was created for the DARKTOBER game jam!


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hi, big thx for the scary game demo :) i love it. i like the creepy atmosphere :) hope to can play a full version ;) greetings from germany

Okay  this is a tech demo, so I imagine a lot of these issues are going to be ironed out in the full release of the game, but i'll list everything I encountered in order anyway:

- Spelling error in tutorial sort of area, the box to enter the game proper says  "start the gamerty".

- Upon entering the game; notes do not work. Picking them up brings up the commands to rotate but no note, just blurs the screen. Same goes for the objects labelled Paper in the lockers.

- Ideally the stamina bar would be in one corner, not in the centre of the screen.

- No indication of having an inventory/being able to use the camera.

- Even after picking up the flashlight, the character says they forgot their flashlight.

- Hiding doesn't currently work. You can hide, but afterwards the hiding symbol doesn't go away, meaning you can stand right in the creature's face and it can't see you.

- Downstairs, walking into the left table with the covered body creates a bright green lighting issue, sort of like having the night vision on. 

- Locked doors do not operate properly. They open but leave a sort of invisible door with windows and a handle. It was impossible to complete the demo as the upstairs doors could not be passed.

As I say, I understand this is only a tech demo. I liked the way the character handled and moved, and the line of sight on the creature was neatly done (there is nothing more infuriating than an enemy that just knows where you are, even without line of sight, hah). 

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Thanks so much but the itch.Io version will not be updating anymore it will only be updated on game jolt here's the link https://gamejolt.com/games/hellsworn/293300?utm_source=Site&utm_medium=Email&utm...

also we had are lot of complaints about the monsters Field of vision so I had to increase it 

Also if you play the game on youtube be sure to comment the video and we will check it out and like it!!


if you find bugs please reply and tell us what they are and when they happened!